Build your Fitness Support System

Creating a new fitness goal often stems from some sort of individual motivation. However, whether you want to lose weight or to be able to run a faster mile, chances are you’re going to need at least a little help along the way.

Turn a Resolution into a Habit: Keep Goals Past January

Call it what you will, but every January brings about a strange phenomenon. Your gym shoes are tied tightly and Jillian Michaels’ voice floats in your head as you add motivational fitness quotes to your Pinterest boards.

Tip #5 to Jump Start your Fitness Routine: Set Long- and Short-Term Goals

Fitness Tips for Beginners

Setting a fitness goal is a lot like planning a vacation; you imagine where you will be and what you will be doing at some point in the future. Whether it’s running through city streets completing a 5K race or enjoying a closet full of new clothes due to weight loss, goals provide a sense of direction and motivation to power you throughout your fitness journey.