Healthy Eating Tips for the Holidays

The holidays or as they are also known, the months where we eat, drink and are generally a bit too merry, are finally here. Party after party and celebration after celebration fill our calendars and our bellies to the brim. An appetizer here, a few drinks there and before we know it our favorite jeans are a little too tight for comfort.

How to Set Goals Over the Holidays

The holiday season is officially here and chances are your calendar is already full of parties and family gatherings. A lot of times, eating and drinking play a center role in said celebrations. However, what’s good for our taste buds is not always good for our waistlines.

Have a Healthier Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving officially kicks off the start of the holiday season, bringing with it plateful after plateful of food. It’s hard to say no to dishes we may only get to enjoy at the holidays, so it’s all about finding balance.

Healthy Holiday Eats & Treats

Remember when the holiday season actually started at the end of November? Now it’s impossible to walk into any store in October without being bombarded by holiday candy and decorations. All this extended cheer is nice, but the extended celebrating isn’t so nice for your waistline.

Burn More Calories Every Day This Holiday Season

After gorging on turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce and toasting to everything we have to be thankful for, it seems as though the holiday season has officially begun. As social, work and family obligations begin to pile up, it can be tough to even think about working out. The key to helping keep all those extra indulgences in check is to move a little bit more each day.