Tip #4 to Jump Start your Fitness Routine: Build a Support System

Fitness Tips for Beginners

Beginning a new fitness routine often stems from an individual motivation, but the rest of the journey doesn’t have to be completed alone. Building up a supportive cast of family, friends and co-workers will make your efforts easier and increase the likelihood of achieving your goals.

Tip #3 to Jump Start your Fitness Routine: Start Slow

Fitness Tips of Beginners

Learn to walk before you run, a phrase many have probably heard before, sums up our next fitness tip perfectly. As with many things in life, rushing into an exercise program without proper preparation and evaluation is like asking to fail or at least hit quite a few obstacles along the way.

Tip #2 to Jump Start your Fitness Routine: Make Time for Exercise

Fitness Tips for Beginners

We’ve all heard it; the voice inside our head telling us a workout isn’t going to happen today because <insert excuse here>. While some reasons may be perfectly valid, such as having to work late or the babysitter cancels last minute (hey, life happens!), most workout avoidance can be combated with a schedule.

Tip #1 to Jump Start your Fitness Routine: Create a Routine

Fitness Tips for Beginners

Research shows it takes 66 days on average to form a habit – meaning that fitness routine you just started will take about two months to stick. Creating a routine may not be the easiest part of your workout journey, but proper planning can help ensure your success.