Spring Clean your Fitness Routine

Luckily for all of us who survived this winter’s Polar Vortex, signs of spring are popping up everywhere. The sun is shining earlier in the morning, later in the afternoon and the temperatures keep on rising. Maybe you’re even getting the itch to spring clean your home, social media feeds or fitness routine.

Charter Fitness Cares: Hiking for a Cure

Close your eyes and imagine yourself triumphantly taking one last step over the finish line of a 34-mile hike. You’ve trekked up and down hills, through rain and darkness, yet managed to complete the journey of a lifetime.

At that moment, most of us would experience vast amounts of self-fulfillment and achievement, but for two Charter Fitness employees, Dan C. and Roger M., crossing the finish line of the Ultimate Hike led to thoughts of others, not just themselves.

Warm Up & Win with New Fall Fitness Gear

Charter Fitness Fleece

Changing seasons can be tricky; One minute you’re finishing up a workout in a climate-controlled gym and the next you’re stepping out into the cool, crisp outdoor air… and it’s a bit too cold for your warm muscles. 

Keep reading for a chance to win a Charter Fitness Fleece Pullover!

Charter Fitness Cares: Get the Right Gear

Dan Ultimate Hike Gear

While wearing neon sleeveless shirts and striped leg warmers may look pretty fly when hitting the gym (the cast of Saved by the Bell called, they want their clothes back), if you’re preparing to hike 30 miles in one day, it might not be the look for you.

Unlimited Guests Every Saturday in July

Grab your gym shoes and a few friends and head over to Charter Fitness. Premium members can bring UNLIMITED GUESTS with them for FREE every Saturday in July!

TRX Training: Part 2 – The Workout

TRX Training Push-up Exercise

Last week’s post introduced the TRX training system and some of the fitness benefits it offers. This week (because one week isn’t enough!) we’ll be discussing in more detail some of the exercises that can be performed on the TRX system. First though, get out your study guides; it’s time for a review.

Run Today, Benefit Tomorrow

You can certainly learn a lot about a person by the décor (aka bumper stickers) they put on their car – anything from I love my dog to political views to I run marathons. I’m usually pretty in awe of those 26.2 stickers, mostly because I can’t imagine running 26.2 miles. However, sometimes those stickers make me wonder if I actually could.