Frequently Asked Questions

Effective 08/30/2021:

We encourage every one of our members to follow Illinois’ mandate to wear a mask while inside our facilities.

We are complying with the Illinois mask policy, as we have signage posted informing members that masks are required, and we are ensuring that all of our employees wear a mask while on shift. However, we cannot require our employees to put themselves in an unsafe position by enforcing this policy.

Illinois has also stated: Retailers are not required to remove patrons or prohibit patrons from entering the premises if they refuse to wear a mask.

While each of our Charter Fitness locations are unique and sport different equipment, all of our locations include: 

-Locker rooms and showers (members must bring their own lock)
-Cardio and strength equipment
-Free weights
-Hand towels and disinfectant spray bottles available for each member during their workout
-Vending and retail products, including pre-workout drinks, protein drinks, locks and headphones

Yes!  Membership add-ons are available and work just like a family plan.  After signing up, you can add up to 5 people to your account.  These people are not limited to just family, so friends are eligible, too!  Add-ons may use the gym on their own and have their own membership associated with your account. 

Your first add-on is only $15/month.  All additional add-ons are only $10/month per person. 

Add-ons are not bound by any commitment, have no annual service fee and no other fees whatsoever! 

Click HERE to learn more.

Yes! We accept most insurance plans and Silver Sneakers. Among some of the insurance plans we accept are Prime, Renew Active, Global Fit and Silver & Fit.

In order to use our facilities, all members and guests must be at least 18 years old. 

A minor who is at least 10 years of age may join or receive a guest pass with written parental consent. 

Yes!  Charter Fitness has small group training available throughout the week.  Most classes are 45 minutes in length.  Check with your local club to see their class schedule.  Click HERE to see a list of all our locations.

Members with the All Access Month-to-Month membership may workout at any of our locations.  Members with the Regular membership are restricted to home club access only. 


Personal training is a beneficial service we offer to help you reach your fitness goals.  Personal training is offered in 45-minute sessions and each session can be scheduled at your convenience.  Call or stop in to your nearest Charter Fitness location to learn more about available trainers and rates.

You can also inquire about personal training with the club location of your choice by clicking HERE.

All of our clubs are open 24/7/365!

Most of our clubs are only staffed during the following hours:





To see specific staffed hours at a particular club, please visit

During unstaffed hours the front doors to our facilities will be automatically locked.  In order to access the gym you will need to download an app on your smart phone called Openpath.  If you are a member you should’ve already received an email from Openpath with instructions for setting up your account.  If you haven’t received this email, or if you’d like it to be resent to you, please contact your nearest club and we will be glad to do so.  

If you are not yet a member you will automatically receive an email from Openpath within minutes after signing up for a membership either online or in person at your local club. 

If you arrive at the club during unstaffed hours and need assistance opening the door, you can call ABC Openpath Support at: 866-992-8955

There are only two (2) acceptable methods of cancelling your membership:

1) Via certified mail.  You can simply mail a letter to your nearest Charter Fitness location indicating your desire to cancel your membership.  You should include your full name, phone number, address and your signature in the letter.  We will process your cancellation as soon as we receive your letter.

2) In person at any of our Charter Fitness locations.  If you choose to come in person you will be asked to sign a cancellation notice.

You can freeze your membership for up to two (2) consecutive months.  You can either send your written request to freeze your membership via certified mail to your nearest Charter Fitness location, or you can stop in and sign a membership freeze request form. 

You can freeze your membership for up to six (6) months if you provide documentation from a physician, college class schedule or military orders.

You can unfreeze your membership at any time at your request by signing a Membership Unfreeze Request at your nearest location.

There is no charge to either freeze or unfreeze your membership.  However, only your monthly dues can be frozen.  The freeze does not apply to any annual service fee your membership may have. 

Members who have the Regular membership may transfer their membership to another location of their choice by signing a Home Club Transfer Request at any Charter Fitness or CFX location. 

Yes. We use ABC Fitness for all of our membership billing. 

You can reach ABC Fitness’ member services directly at: (888) 827-9262

Certain memberships get charged an annual service fee (ASF) of $39.99.  This is first billed exactly 45 days after signing up and once a year on that date. 

The All Access Month-to-Month membership does not have an ASF.