A quick Google search returns dozens upon baker’s dozens of healthier Valentine’s Day treat recipes. And yes, they all look fantastic. But no offense to heart-shaped cookie cutters, we like to stick to the basics. It’s much easier to run into the grocery store, grab a few things and enjoy – minimal prep required.

That’s why this year we’ll be sticking to the essentials: dark chocolate, red wine and of course, chocolate-covered strawberries. And we won’t feel bad about it. All three of these options offer health benefits without having to be made healthier like many other treats out there. Here’s why –

Red wine
Perfect for the holiday all about love, research has shown red wine to be healthy for your heart! You can thank a substance called resveratrol which has been linked to cholesterol-lowering benefits and helping to prevent damage to blood vessels and blood clots.

Dark chocolate
Antioxidants are looking like the real winners this Valentine’s Day. Just as red wine has resveratrol, dark chocolate has good-for-you flavanols (both antioxidants). Flavanols may help to lower blood pressure and to improve vascular function. However, since these are compounds found in cocoa beans, make sure to stick to dark varieties and avoid chocolate with a lot of added sugars.

Chocolate-covered strawberries
Let’s just state the obvious on this one. Strawberries are fruit and fruit is good for you. So what if it’s coated in a bit of chocolate? Everyone deserves a treat now and then. Bonus points if it’s coated in dark chocolate (see above).

What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day treat?

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