Cold weather, dreary skies and snow-covered sidewalks can make the winter months seem even longer than they really are – especially when you are stuck indoors. We all know our gym sessions are important, but sometimes you just want to get outside for a little physical activity. The warmer months make this pretty easy to do, but winter can have its perks too!

First things first, get ready to gather a few pieces of cold weather gear. The following activities will require the basics: a warm, comfy coat, gloves, hat and waterproof boots. Beyond that, you’ll just need to bring your sense of adventure and love for the outdoors, despite the possible chilly temps.

Take a Hike (or Walk)
One of the best ways to be active, any time of the year really, is to use your own two feet. Look for trails in your area and head out. Make sure to dress in layers and to bring some water with you to drink.

Sure snowshoeing requires a bit more research and planning, but it’s definitely worth the effort. Stomping around in the snow burns about 400-600 calories per hour and offers you spectacular views of nature. Don’t worry about the cost of snowshoes – many places allow you to rent them for the day.

Cross Country Ski
No mountains in your area? No problem. Cross Country skiing is an excellent workout and another great way to get moving during the winter. Maybe you’ll even like it so much seeing snowflakes fall won’t seem so bad… maybe.

However you choose to move this winter, thank yourself for being active!


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