There’s nothing quite like a breakfast that warms you up from the inside out on a cold winter morning – something like oatmeal, perhaps? Before you dismiss oats as the mush your mom used to make you eat, know there are many ways to enjoy oatmeal and it’s healthy!

If you’re still hesitant about oatmeal, here’s another reason to give it a try. January is National Oatmeal Month, which is perfect considering most of the month is accompanied by cold, snowy days.

A few more reasons oatmeal rocks:

Easy to Make, Easy to Travel
At the most basic level, you only need three things to make oatmeal: oats (try rolled or old-fashioned oats), water or milk and a microwave. See? Simple! Oatmeal can also be made ahead of time and reheated as well as travels easily in a mug or container to work. No more excuses for skipping breakfast!

A Little of This, A Little of That
Forget about boring. Since oatmeal has a neutral flavor, it can be topped with a variety of different foods. Think peanut butter, nuts and seeds for a more savory flavor. Looking for something a bit sweeter? Top with fresh or frozen fruit, coconut or even a few chocolate chips.

Full of Healthy Carbohydrates
Adding a bowl of oatmeal to your day also adds a dose of whole grains. Your body needs healthy carbohydrates such as whole grains to fuel you through the day. Choose the least-processed oatmeal possible (steel-cut or rolled oats over instant) and watch out for added sugars. It’s usually best to add your own toppings in for flavor than to purchase pre-flavored packets. 


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