It’s probably safe to say most people don’t look forward to daylight savings… except for that whole gaining an hour part the day it actually happens. Driving home as the sun is setting makes it increasingly harder to go anywhere but home to lounge on the couch. However, there is one way to benefit from the afternoon’s darkness: exercise in the morning.

Seriously we mean it! Take advantage of some early morning sunlight to get you out of bed and moving. Research has proven time and time again that there are numerous benefits to working out in the morning. Here are just a few:

Increased Energy
Nothing wakes the body up like a good sweat session. Hitting the gym in the morning will not only increase energy levels post-workout, but will also keep them higher all day long.

Fewer Skipped Workouts
One of the biggest challenges in anyone’s exercise routine is staying consistent. Planning your workout as the first thing you do during the day makes it a lot less likely you’ll skip out on a gym session.

Beat the Crowd
Even though working out in the morning is beneficial, most people don’t do it. The good news for you is that you’ll have your choice of equipment as the gym tends to be slower in the morning.


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