At first glance, making sense of the two yellow and black straps that comprise the TRX training system may seem impossible. Have no fear though – it isn’t impossible. In fact, it is actually pretty easy.  Recently, I had the opportunity to work with Amy, a Charter Fitness Personal Trainer, and experience how it all works.

TRX Personal Training

The system is designed to safely build strength, balance, flexibility and core stability through the use of resistance exercises and your own body weight, making it an ideal system for all fitness levels. Exercises become harder or easier depending on where you position your feet, allowing each session to be as unique as the person doing it. 

TRX training differs from many typical fitness machines as it works multiple muscle groups (biceps and abs) rather than isolating one singular muscle group (biceps). Additionally, working through multiple planes of motion in TRX exercises strengthens mobility and joint stability and helps prevent injuries.

Thinking you’d like to learn more about TRX training or give it a try? Then stay tuned for the second part of this series – we’ll be detailing an actual workout – or contact a personal trainer today. 


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