Visiting family and friends this holiday season can mean lots of extra time spent traveling, not to mention celebrating. While this time of year is meant for eating an extra cookie or two and enjoying time with your loved ones, you don’t have to sacrifice your health just because you might not be calling your home your home base.

Keeping up with healthy habits throughout the holidays helps you avoid damage control come January. Wouldn’t it be great to start the New Year full of energy instead of feeling lethargic and in desperate need of a treadmill session?  Thought so.

Pack your own snacks
Don’t rely on gas stations or airports to serve up healthy snacks when you start to feel hangry. Bringing your own snacks ensures you’ll always have something to eat that nourishes your body. Fresh fruit, chopped veggies and nuts all make great packable choices.

No gym required exercise
Bodyweight exercises tone your muscles without any equipment or any need to head to the gym. What that means for you is no excuses. Try creating a routine out of lunges, push-ups and planks for a total body workout. For more ideas, hit up Pinterest!

Be active and social
Staying active doesn’t have to be a solo venture. Grab your friends and family and do something that’s fun and active. Look for 5K races in your area, go on a hike or just play a game of touch football in the yard. Shopping even counts as exercise – park far away and walk as much as you can.


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