Now that it’s March, we can’t seem to get spring off of our brains. The snow is slightly melting and daylight savings time is around the corner. More hours of sunshine can only mean one thing: it’s time to lace up our running shoes and start preparing for the spring racing season ahead.

Whether you are a seasoned runner or looking to complete your first race, taking a little extra time to get yourself prepared for training can go a long way.

Create a training schedule
Running without a plan is a good way to do too much, too soon and often leads to injury. A quick Google search can help you find a training plan designed by a fitness professional. Following one will ensure you safely build your mileage and cross the finish line strong.

Invest in running gear
We hate to break it to you, but those old cotton tees from college aren’t going to cut it. Investing in moisture-wicking clothing will keep you cool and comfortable while training. Here are a few of our favorite affordable options. A proper pair of running shoes is also essential to keep you injury-free.

Build a support network
Use this time to tell everyone in your life about your training plans. Friends and family can best support you if they know about your goals. It’s likely you’ll need to lean on them for motivation and encouragement throughout your race training.


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