Sometimes I wonder if Alexander Graham Bell would recognize the fancy electronic devices we carry around nowadays as telephones. In the course of a few short minutes, a smartphone can serve as a camera, a weatherman and a television.

Last summer we compiled a list of smartphone apps that can help take your health and fitness routine to the next level. Now almost a year later, we think it’s time to take a second look.

Here is the latest crop of apps that will help you tone up, slim down and eat right.

GymPact (Free, available on iPhone & Android)
Let’s face it. Money talks… and hopefully motivates. This app allows users to pledge a set dollar amount per workout. If you miss a gym session, you pay. If you log your gym session, you earn.

GymPact App

Locavore (Free, available on iPhone & Android)
Find fresh food fast. Locavore is a seasonal food network you can use to track farmers’ markets and other places to buy local eats.

Locavore App

My Fitness Pal (Free, available on iPhone & Android)
Tracking food and exercise is simple with this app. It’s equipped with an extensive database of foods, recipes and meals from both the grocery store and many popular restaurants.

My Fitness Pal App

Sworkit (Free, available on iPhone & Android)
Keep circuit training challenging with a randomized workout from Sworkit. Choose a workout length and an area of the body to focus on and this app will do the rest.

Sworkit App

Cruise Control ($4.99, available on iPhone)
Set a goal and reach it with this music app. Cruise Control automatically adjusts your playlist to feature songs that match your target pace or heart rate.

Cruise Control App


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