Luckily for all of us who survived this winter’s Polar Vortex, signs of spring are popping up everywhere. The sun is shining earlier in the morning, later in the afternoon and the temperatures keep on rising. Maybe you’re even getting the itch to spring clean your home, social media feeds or fitness routine.

While we can’t help you sort through closets or eliminate high school classmates from Facebook, we certainly know what it takes to spring clean a fitness routine. Evaluating your fitness goals and progress a few times a year is critical to getting stronger, faster or losing weight. Our bodies are smart enough to adapt to exercise, so make sure you mix things up every once and awhile.

Here are a couple ways to get you started this spring:

Switch up your routine
The best way to challenge your muscles is to change up your current workout routine. Try doing it in reverse, adding additional sets or reps or maybe even trying a new routine completely. If you need help creating a new routine, try Charter Fitness Virtual Training.

Get New Gear
New workout gear can be just what you need to refresh your gym routine. Skip all the gray and black and opt for a shirt or shoes in a bright color which is guaranteed to improve your mood. Replacing your workout shoes regularly also helps to ward off injury by making sure you’re getting the proper support. 

Sweat with a Friend
Hold yourself accountable and push yourself to new limits by working out with a friend or even a personal trainer. A workout buddy can help you reevaluate your goals, try new workouts with you (see number 1) and cheer you on as you achieve your fitness goals. Fitness friends help you get stronger and achieve more.


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