With all the gadgets and high-tech clothes, working out can seem much more complicated than it really needs to be. When it really comes down to it, exercise should make you feel strong and healthy, not stressed. If you’re starting to feel like getting to the gym is harder than starring in a Broadway production, maybe it’s time to simplify a bit.

Here are three tips to get you started:

Always Keep a Bag Packed
Scrambling to gather your iPod, water bottle and gym shoes before a workout may cause you to break a sweat before even getting out the door. The solution to this problem is simple. Keep your gym bag packed (and conveniently-located) at all times.

Set Specific Goals
Instead of trying to improve your squats and beat your mile time, choose one of the two. Working toward a goal allows you to focus on the task at hand and make greater improvements.

Plan your Workouts Ahead of Time
Use Virtual Training to plan and guide your workouts throughout the week. Knowing exactly what you’ll be doing at the gym once you get there allows you to get in and start working.


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