Healthy Eating on a BudgetWandering up and down the aisles at your local grocery store is anything but a walk in the park. It’s more like sitting in traffic during rush hour, billboards glaring mixed messages in your direction.

Organic chicken. Locally-grown apples. Multigrain bread. The options are endless, but alas, your bank account is not. As you stand in the middle of the produce section, clutching the handles of your grocery basket, you may wonder how it’s even humanly possible to eat healthy without a sizable budget.  

Since March is National Nutrition Month, it’s the perfect time to set goals for healthy eating and saving money. Use the following tricks to leave the grocery store with a satisfying selection of good-for-you food without depleting your bank account.

Plan meals and make lists
Take time to layout a weekly meal plan and make a list of all the ingredients you’ll need before going to the grocery store.

Bonus: Use the same ingredient in more than one recipe to avoid wasting any leftovers.

Shop bulk bins
If your grocery store has bulk bins, use them. Purchase grains, nuts or flour in quantities of your choosing and only pay for what you actually need.

Bonus: Unit prices are usually a bit lower due to the lack of packaging.

Choose seasonal produce
Freshness makes in season produce taste better, high availability makes it costs less.

Bonus: Learn what to purchase locally or grow your own with this interactive guide.

Freeze individual portions
Whether it’s leftovers or a package of chicken, separate out individual portions and freeze them to keep food from going bad before you can eat it all.

Bonus: Ready-to-go servings make portion control a breeze.

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