Even if it’s been years since you last shopped for school supplies or stepped foot into a classroom, back-to-school time can still make many people think about new beginnings. Joining a gym and creating a regular fitness routine are common goals this time of the year and we’re here to help you get started on the right foot.

If you bring the motivation every day, these tips will help get you started working toward a fitter you! 

Define your goals
Setting both long- and short-term goals will guide you on your fitness journey as well as give you a way to measure your progress. Start by defining your long-term goal – running a 5K, mastering 10 push-ups, etc. – and then brake it up into weekly steps (your short-term goals). Don’t forget to give yourself a healthy reward for each goal you reach.

Build a support team
Your family and friends should be involved in your fitness routine in some capacity. Whether it’s providing support, helping you choose healthy foods or being a workout buddy at the gym, every little bit helps. Knowing you can turn to those close to you for support makes sticking to your routine easier.

Be patient
Achieving goals and seeing results takes time – learn to be patient! There’s no magic pill or quick fix for living healthier; it takes hard work and dedication to get you where you want to be. However, if you are truly committed, know your goals and have a strong support system, you’ll probably find anything is possible.

Speak up:
What do you do to keep your motivation going when it comes to your fitness routine? 


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