Most years just when we start to feel like spring will never arrive, it does. And we couldn’t be happier about it. There’s just something about the season and new found sunshine that makes us feel happier and ready to tackle just about anything. So when you are making your spring cleaning list this year, why not add your fitness routine to it?

It’s important to check in on your exercise goals every now and then, especially to get an accurate look at your progress. Now’s the perfect time to do so and to create some new goals as well. Spruce up your routine using the tips below!

Set a new goal
Having a new goal to work toward can increase your motivation and your fitness level. Consider taking advantage of one of the many races available over the summer.

Try a new workout
Variety is important when it comes to working out. Try a new machine or even a TEAM Training session.

Clean out your gym bag
When’s the last time you looked at the bottom of your gym bag? Maybe you’re a little nervous as to what you’d find down there. Time to clean it out!

How do you plan to refresh your routine this spring?


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