How to Really Make a Salad Healthy

Let’s talk about salads for minute; May is National Salad Month after all. While they’ve been synonymous with healthy eating since, well, basically forever, it’s no surprise the idealistic notion of a salad is jam-packed with good-for-you veggies and not much else. However, the actual representation is often far from healthy and far from what we might expect from a salad.

Incorporate Interval Training into your Routine

Interval training – ever heard of it? There’s a good chance you’ve heard one or two people throw those words around in the gym, but maybe you don’t quite know what it means. And that’s okay! We’re going to break down what interval training is, why it’s beneficial and how to incorporate it into your workout routine.

5 Healthy Cinco de Mayo Recipes

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo seems to be less about your heritage and more so about celebrating the fact that summer is almost here. Usually these types of celebrations involve lots of food and a margarita or two. We are certainly all for enjoying a delicious meal and not depriving yourself, but we also know overindulging too often can impact your fitness goals.

3 Ways to Motivate yourself to Work Out

What is it about sunny days and warmer temperatures that cause us to go to the gym a little bit less? Maybe we’re tired of being cooped up indoors after a long winter or are just more so drawn to sitting on patios for happy hour. Whatever it is, we all know skipping the gym too many times isn’t in our best interest – especially with bathing suit season around the corner.

Fill your Cart with Fresh Spring Produce

We all know filling our plates with fruits and vegetables is great for our health. But did you know choosing produce that’s in season tastes better and is often cheaper than out-of-season produce? This spring, make it a point to try new, seasonal produce.

Refresh your Fitness Routine for Spring

Most years just when we start to feel like spring will never arrive, it does. And we couldn’t be happier about it. There’s just something about the season and new found sunshine that makes us feel happier and ready to tackle just about anything. So when you are making your spring cleaning list this year, why not add your fitness routine to it?

Fun & Functional Fitness Gifts

All types of shopping become increasingly harder as Easter approaches. The shelves of just about every retail market are packed with brightly-colored candies and chocolate bunnies. Who wants to dodge that kind of temptation day in and day out, especially when you are working hard to keep up healthy habits?

Healthy Living Instagram Accounts to Follow Now

Chances are everyone from your neighbor to your 12-year-old niece has an Instagram account – and that includes lots of top companies and personalities in the health and fitness industry. From healthy recipes to workout motivation, whatever you’re seeking on your fitness journey can be found on this social media platform.

Portable Pre-Workout Snacks

Take a second and think about the best workout you ever had. You probably felt strong, confident and full of energy. What if you could bottle up that feeling and take it with you throughout all of your workouts? That would be, in short, amazing.

Go Green this St. Patrick’s Day

If there’s ever been a perfect time to add more green to your diet, it’s certainly now! I’m sure you can guess the first (and probably most obvious) reason – St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner and just about everything is turning up in an emerald hue.