Summer 2012 Olympic Events PreviewAs the Opening Ceremony for the London 2012 Olympic Games draws near, excitement and anticipation are building around the world. Starting July 27, some of the most elite athletes will compete in a variety of events ranging from the familiar to the not-so-familiar.

We all know and love some of the popular events of the summer games (like swimming and gymnastics), but there are a lot more categories that deserve your attention and space on your DVR.  Below we’ve gathered some events you may not currently be watching, but most certainly should tune into this summer.

Dates and links to a more detailed schedule are listed for each event. Check your local listings for times.

Modern Pentathlon
This event packs a lot of bang for its buck – men and women compete in fencing, swimming, horseback riding, shooting and running during the Modern Pentathlon. This 100-year-old event is staged over a single day. Talk about challenging!

Medal Events: August 11 & 12

Canoe Slalom
If you’ve ever tried to paddle a canoe, you know it’s no easy task. Now add in white water rapids and a slalom course and you’ve got this Olympic event. Lots of action makes this a must-see event.

Medal Events: July 31, August 1-2

Table Tennis
Table Tennis may be more commonly known as ping pong, but I think that’s part of what makes this event so exciting to watch. It’s relatable, yet completely outrageous in comparison to the normal ping pong matches most of us are used to playing.

Medal Events: August 1-2, August 7-8

For anyone who has ever spent endless amounts of time jumping on the bed, this is the event for you. Two trampolines are set up side by side and competitors perform a series of 10 skill routines for the judges.

Medal Events: August 3-4

Which Olympic events will you be tuning into this year?


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