When it comes to cardio workouts, many people instinctively think of the treadmill. In some ways, it seems to be one of the most simple and intuitive machines available at the gym. Press a button and start walking or running as you would normally. Easy peasy.

However, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, there are many options when it comes to getting your cardio workout done at the gym. For example, you could choose to work out on the elliptical machine. The elliptical provides a total body workout and is low-impact making it a good option for just about everyone.

All to often though, we hop on the elliptical and just zone out for 30 minutes. While any workout is certainly better than no workout, if you’re putting the time in, you should maximize your workout potential. In that case, we’ve gathered a handful of workouts below that will make the best use of your time on the elliptical.

What’s you favorite elliptical workout?

– New to the elliptical? Try this Beginner’s Workout

– Quick Lunchtime Workout 

– Intermediate Interval Workout 

– Elliptical Core Workout 


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