Lessons we can Learn from Olympians

Olympic Games London 2012Every four years many of us spend hours upon hours glued to our TVs watching the Olympic Games. We watch the world’s best athletes compete in swimming pools and on the track, cheering on our favorites to what we hope are victories.

While becoming an Olympic athlete requires a certain amount of winning the genetic jackpot, these competitors also possess a great sense of determination and commitment – two qualities that allow them to excel in their chosen sport.

In light of this summer’s games in London, let’s discuss the ways Olympians can inspire our own fitness goals.

Lesson #1: Put in the Time

It’s not uncommon for athletes to train four to eight years prior to making an Olympic team. Success and results are not achieved overnight. Many athletes juggle long training hours with personal lives and work just like you and me. If they can find time to stick to a routine, so can we.

Lesson #2: Set Achievable Goals

Goals, both long- and short-term, are important. While making it to the Olympic Games is the long-term goal, athletes set short-term goals to measure their progress. Training takes a lot of work and persistence, but setting achievement milestones makes reaching long-term goals more doable.

Lesson #3: Take Care of your Body

Olympians take care of their overall health in order to see and achieve results. This means they get plenty of sleep (8-10 hours a night) and keep a team of health experts, including a nutritionist, on hand. We may not all have our own personal health gurus, but we can make sure we eat right and get enough rest.

As we tune into the London games (starting July 27), let’s take some inspiration from the athletes and renew our commitment and dedication to our fitness goals. We can learn a lot from these athletes and it is easy enough to adapt their methods to our own training. We may not land a spot on an Olympic team, but we can be proud to train like an Olympian. 

Reference: Forbes.com
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One Response to Lessons we can Learn from Olympians

  1. Chris Heron says:

    The amount of dedication that goes into getting to, even before you take part in the Olympics is unbelievable. It is always great to see the way people take inspiration from this.