For most of us, taking a vacation means taking time to relax, recharge and saying goodbye to a plethora of day-to-day activities and obligations – including time spent at the gym. While a rest day or two can be nice here and there, if you choose, it’s easy to stay active while away from home. Here are three ways:

1. Use the Hotel Gym
Choosing a hotel with a workout space is an option, but just like at home, make sure to schedule time to go. It never hurts to check the hotel’s policies and resources prior to arrival either. Make sure the space is accessible at the times you want it and features the equipment you’re looking to use.

2. Hit the Ground Walking
If you’re looking to change up your routine a little bit (it is vacation, after all!), there are many ways to do so – starting with the simplest of exercise equipment, your feet. Don’t underestimate the benefits of walking, especially while on a trip. Sightseeing on foot rather than on a bus is not only great for your fitness, but it’s a great way to discover a new city and places that are off the beaten path.

3. Be Inspired by your Locale
Visiting the coast? Why not try a new water sport such as snorkeling or surf lessons? Many hotels and resorts offer activities and group outings based on popular outdoor sports in their area. Whether you’re out hiking through mountains or biking on trails, getting active outdoors is the perfect way to stay fit and enjoy your vacation destination.

Not enough? Try these four moves you can do anywhere – including the beach.


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