Warm temperatures and sunshine are good for a lot of things. Baseball games, barbecues and days at the beach certainly wouldn’t be the same without them. However, heat places extra stress on the body and can change your exercise routine in a big way.

Working out in an air-conditioned gym certainly helps matters, but your body can still feel the effects of the hot summer air. Be aware that if your core temperature is raised before you come to the gym; it will make a difference in your workout. Take proper precautions and you’ll keep your workout a safe and effective.

Start Slow
Begin each workout with a warm-up that gives your body a chance to acclimate to the warmer weather. Gradually increase the length and intensity of your workouts throughout the season. 

Drink before you’re Thirsty
The key to staying hydrated for your workouts is to continuously sip water all day long, not to just drink when you’re thirsty. Water is best and most experts agree replenishing with sports drinks is only necessary after an hour or more of intense exercise. 

Take a Break
The most important rule for exercising during the warmer months is to listen to your body. If something becomes uncomfortable or you feel lightheaded, stop and take a break. 


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