Time, or rather the lack of, is probably one of the biggest factors that impact a person’s ability to fit a trip to the gym into their day. Busy schedules and commitments aside, you can always make use of everyday activities to up your calorie burn.

By logging shorter periods of exercise throughout the day, you can shorten the time spent at the gym on those jam-packed days. Boost the intensity of activities such as shopping, cooking and doing housework by moving more quickly, walking more or by adding short sets of calisthenics in-between tasks.

Adding more physical activity to your day is always beneficial, no matter how small the activity may be. That being said, recognize calorie burn from everyday activities most likely isn’t enough to replace the benefits of regular trips to the gym. Remember to plan your workout schedule each week to ensure the most success. 

Here are a few more ways to move throughout your day:

Walk more by parking further away from your destination. Avoid escalators and elevators.

Crank the music and dance a little bit while getting those chores done. Adding simple exercise moves such as push ups or squats would work here.

Avoid using appliances to chop or mix ingredients. Doing it yourself works out your arms. 


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