The holiday season is officially here and chances are your calendar is already full of parties and family gatherings. A lot of times, eating and drinking play a center role in said celebrations. However, what’s good for our taste buds is not always good for our waistlines.

While the holidays are a time to celebrate, have fun and (hopefully) relax a bit, your healthy habits and fitness routines shouldn’t take a back seat. Ignore the temptations of an all-or-nothing attitude and modify your current goals to fit within a holiday schedule. 

Here are a few ways to get started:

Reevaluate your goals
There’s a lot of truth to the statement, where we begin isn’t always where we end up. Take a few minutes and give your goals a second look; what worked previously may not be working anymore. Evaluate your progress and adapt your program making sure each goal is specific, measureable and timely. 

Try something new
Often times, we find excitement in what’s new to us. When it comes to fitness, avoid boredom or getting stuck in a rut by adding variety to your regular exercise routine. If you feel yourself losing enthusiasm, try a different cardio machine, strength training routine or meet with a certified personal trainer.

Reward Yourself
I know clothes don’t make the man and the gym shoes don’t make the run, but they have to help… at least a little, right? New exercise gear, whether it’s shoes or clothes, can motivate you to hit the gym. Keep the good vibes going and reward yourself with new gear each time your reach a goal.


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