Salads tend to get a bad wrap. Maybe it’s because many people associate them with failed diets that left them hungry approximately 5.2 seconds after they were finished eating. Or maybe it’s because they just haven’t quite figured out how to make a salad enjoyable and satisfying. True, salads are often a way to begin a meal, but with the following tips you’ll be able to make one into a meal itself.

Go for Greens
If you only do one thing, say good-bye to iceberg lettuce. Compared to other greens, it fails to compare in taste and nutritional value. As a general rule of thumb, go for dark, colorful greens to pack the biggest nutritional punch. Try romaine lettuce for a fresh, crisp flavor and kale when you’re searching for something a bit heartier or bitter.

Sweeten it Up
Slide over veggies – make some room for fruit at this salad party. Topping your greens with fruit in addition to veggies adds a new dimension of flavor as well as sweetens up the bowl. You’ll also get the added benefits of more nutrients and fiber. A few tasty ones to try are sliced apples, mandarin orange slices or berries.

Dress for Success
A salad loaded with a variety of vegetables and fruit will offer up lots of flavor making the need for heavy dressings minimal. In fact, skipping store-bought dressing may also help reduce your sugar intake – many are packed with added sugars. Luckily, it’s easy to make your own dressing at home with a bit of oil, vinegar, spices and citrus juice.

Protein Power
If you want to feel full, satisfied and not tempted to eat a cookie after your salad, you need to add some protein! And don’t think you’re limited to grilled chicken either. While chicken is an excellent option, so are fish, beans, lentils or quinoa. Healthy fats will also help to keep you full and satisfied… someone please pass the avocado!


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