With the average workday spanning eight plus hours, the amount of time spent in the office sure adds up quickly. Take into consideration commuting and you’ll most likely spend a good portion of the day sitting down. As headlines tell us just how bad sitting is for us, how can we make the workplace a healthier one? Let’s discuss.

Due to increased technology, most of us work in front of a computer day in and day out. For this exact reason, becoming more active in the workplace is and will continue to be a challenge. In addition to keeping up with your regular fitness routine, adding a little bit of extra movement in your day will help make a positive impact on your health. Small changes can add up to much larger gains in the long run.

Park further away
Start and end your workday with a few extra steps. Park your car further away from the door to your office for a simple way to burn some extra calories. 

Take the stairs
Most of us hop on the elevator without even thinking, but climbing a flight of stairs is another great way to challenge your muscles throughout the workday.

Ditch email
These days you can do everything from your desk – even order your lunch! Next time you need to talk with a co-worker, try walking to their desk instead of emailing.

Stretch a little
Sitting in the same position all day puts an enormous strain on our muscles. Try adding these workday stretches to your routine and offer your body some relief. 


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