We talk a lot about setting goals and working on ways to achieve them, but we don’t always talk about how to reward ourselves for reaching those goals. Losing weight, gaining strength or training for an event should be celebrated in healthy ways that won’t derail the work you’ve already done.

Use the tips below to keep your good habits on track and to find the motivation to keep achieving bigger goals.

New Fitness Gear
Getting back in the gym after you reach a fitness goal can be tough. Sure you’re riding high on your previous success, but what are you working toward now? While you figure out what your next goal will be, reward yourself with new fitness gear. A new pair of shoes just might be what it takes to keep you going back for more.

Pamper Yourself
Feeling strong and healthy is reflected throughout your body, both inside and out. You’ve put in a lot of hard work, so why not treat yourself to a massage, new haircut or manicure/pedicure? Feeling great about your outward appearance will motivate you to keep working to reach all the goals you want.

Stock your Kitchen
Chances are committing to a new fitness routine meant making changes to your eating habits as well. Food fuels our bodies for exercise and everyday activities. Cooking at home can make a huge difference when it comes to getting healthy. Stock up your kitchen with new gadgets to reward yourself for achieving your goal. 


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