Chances are everyone from your neighbor to your 12-year-old niece has an Instagram account – and that includes lots of top companies and personalities in the health and fitness industry. From healthy recipes to workout motivation, whatever you’re seeking on your fitness journey can be found on this social media platform.

We’ve highlighted a few of our favorite accounts below. Hopefully you’ll find following one or more of them helps you out with your fitness goals. And while you are at it, why not follow Charter Fitness too? We’d love to connect!

Ideas for living a happy, healthy life overflow on Greatist’s Instagram account. We especially enjoy the motivational quotes.

No more wondering what’s for dinner! Skinnytaste’s account offers a behind-the-scenes look of recipes from the popular healthy-eating website.

Nike’s account is full of everything you’d expect from the sportswear brand. There are inspiring images of people working on their fitness and a handful of pictures of the hottest gym apparel.

My Fitness Pal
Whether you are looking for recipe ideas, weight loss inspiration or fitness tips, this popular healthy living app shares it all.


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