Remember when the holiday season actually started at the end of November? Now it’s impossible to walk into any store in October without being bombarded by holiday candy and decorations. All this extended cheer is nice, but the extended celebrating isn’t so nice for your waistline.

Navigating an endless sea of holiday gatherings with your healthy eating habits unscathed is surely a feat of extraordinary willpower. For the rest of us, long live the mantra everything in moderation.

Keep unhealthy choices in check this season by following the guidelines below:  

Swap dark meat for light
When prepared in the right way (not fried or drowning in gravy), turkey is a healthy, abundant source of protein. According to the American Dietetic Association, one serving also provides a significant source of folic acid, vitamin B, zinc and potassium.

Sip on red wine
Everyone deserves to toast to the holidays, so feel free to grab a drink. However, red wine is the most heart-friendly and stocked with good-for-you antioxidants.

Choose appetizers carefully
Skip anything that is fried and head straight to the veggie tray. No veggie tray? Look for nuts, reduced-fat cheeses or chilled shrimp.

Add fruit to dessert
Even though traditional holiday desserts usually feature cookies and candies, why not serve some fruit too? Strawberries dipped in chocolate still feel like a treat, but provide some nutritional value as well.



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