For most of us, the weekly (or daily if you’re forgetful) trip to the grocery store is inevitable… and it’s usually on the weekend… when everyone else decided to go to the store too. Some times it may seem easier to just grab a few things and go, but you work hard at the gym (right?) so it pays to pick-up healthy foods that help your progress, not hinder it.

To begin with, one of the most simple, but beneficial tasks you can complete prior to hitting the supermarket is to make a list of exactly what you need. Once you get to the store, stick to the list. Add local, seasonal foods to your list with this Eat Local Calculator from the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Shop the perimeter of the store for the freshest items. Think about it. You will find an abundance of fruits and veggies as well as fresh meat and dairy along the outer edges of the store. Fill up most of your cart here and you’ll have plenty of healthy eats to choose from.

Understandably so, it might be difficult to purchase only items from the perimeter of the store and eat a balanced and fulfilling diet. Thankfully, reading nutrition labels, specifically ingredient lists, can help you decipher the good from the bad. When selecting boxed or canned items, try to avoid foods that contain more than five ingredients, artificial ingredients or ingredients with names you can’t pronounce.

Armed with these tips grocery shopping doesn’t seem so bad, does it? Some may even say it’s as easy as pie.


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