The holidays or as they are also known, the months where we eat, drink and are generally a bit too merry, are finally here. Party after party and celebration after celebration fill our calendars and our bellies to the brim. An appetizer here, a few drinks there and before we know it our favorite jeans are a little too tight for comfort.

If the thought of those too tight jeans makes you want to stock up on celery and green juice, hold on a minute. This year instead of backtracking come January 1, use the following tips to stay healthy and still enjoy the season.

Stay Hydrated
Fill those water bottles! Drinking lots of water keeps your body in top condition and can also help eliminate the negative effects of too many cocktails.

Snack Ahead
Never attend a holiday party or event hungry. Fill up on a healthy snack beforehand and you’ll be less likely to overeat.

Choose Carefully
Do a lap past the food before loading up your plate. Identify the best choices and fill your plate with those and avoid eating too much of the foods you don’t enjoy as much.

Enjoy Treats
While it’s important to make healthy choices no matter what time of the year it is, don’t forget to enjoy a few treats now and then, especially during the holiday season.


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