Health & Fitness Gifts for Mother’s Day

If you’re still debating over what to get Mom for Mother’s Day, you’re in luck. We’re here to help!

Last December, we rounded up some of our favorite fitness-related gift ideas which we’re sure mom would love too. This year, celebrate mom by skipping the high calorie brunches and  getting active.

Remember: If you’re a Charter Fitness Premium member, you can even bring her in for free to work out at the gym.

iPod ShuffleiPod Shuffle,
Pushing through a long workout is easier when you have a playlist full of motivating songs. This iPod is small and clips on to your shirt so it won’t get in the way while at the gym.

Foam Roller, or any sports store
Sore muscles are a common side effect of a good workout; however, they can be a bit uncomfortable. Learn more about how foam rollers relieve sore muscles.

Spa Gift Certificate,
Nothing says reward like a massage. Give the gift of pampering. Mom will be relaxed and ready to hit the gym again.

HeadbandFly Away Tamer Headband,
There’s nothing worse than pesky hair that just won’t stay out of your eyes while you’re exercising. This headband is thick and has a silicone strip that holds it in place.

YurBuds Earphones,
It never fails – right when you hit your stride on the cardio machine, an earphone falls out. YurBuds were created by a triathlete, so you can bet they’ll stay put.

Personal Training Session,
We could all use a little push when it comes to reaching our fitness goals. A session with a personal trainer is the perfect gift to help get someone started on their path to heath.

SureFoot Rubz

Surefoot Foot Rubz,
Soothe tired feet with a foot massage from this lightweight ball. Only slightly larger than a golf ball, this can sit in your gym bag without taking up valuable space.

App Store Gift Card
The smartphone is the gymgoers new best friend. Give someone a giftcard they can put towards fitness apps. Need some suggestions for apps? Try these or these.

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