Thanksgiving officially kicks off the start of the holiday season, bringing with it plateful after plateful of food. It’s hard to say no to dishes we may only get to enjoy at the holidays, so it’s all about finding balance.

Eat small portions of the foods you love and follow the tips below to stay a little bit healthier on Thanksgiving and in the coming months.

Get active before dinner
Plan time to get moving before the dinner celebrations start. While you’re at it, gather friends and family to join in as well. Sign up for a local Turkey Trot, play a game of touch football or head out for a hike.

Only fill your plate once
Indulge once, enjoy every bite and then leave it at that. Listen to your stomach for hunger cues and only get seconds if you really need them. When choosing seconds, identify the healthiest option, likely a vegetable dish, and go for that.

Shop and burn calories
Heading out to the mall bright and early Friday morning is a tradition for many people. Use this opportunity to burn a few additional calories, balancing out all the eating from the day before. Park your car further back in the parking lot and take the stairs when you can. 


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