Let’s talk about your gym bag. Whether yours is specially formulated for fitness gadgets or you grab and go with whatever’s lying around the house, the contents of said bag have the power to make or break a good workout.

Keeping your bag stocked with exercise essentials is a habit that will certainly pay off. Not only will you be ready to hit the gym whenever you find time in your day, but you’ll be helping to ensure you get closer to achieving your goals. 

Here are our top picks for filling your gym bag:

Water Bottle
Hydration is important before, during and after exercise. Never be without water when you bring your own.

Well-Fitting Shoes
Tailor your shoe choice to whichever activity you’re doing. A running shoe will provide different benefits than a cross-training shoe. This article can help you learn more about picking the perfect shoe.

Rockin’ Playlist
Create a special playlist just for the gym. Upbeat music can help you power through your workout by keeping you motivated.

Post-Workout Snack
Just as it’s important to rehydrate, it’s important to refuel your body with a healthy post workout snack. Look for something with protein to help repair your muscles.


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