Get More from your Workout: Exercise in the Morning

If you’re not a so-called morning person, crawling out of bed and getting a workout in before the sun comes up probably sounds less than appealing. Well, dust off your alarm clock and prepare for some tough love. While fitting exercise into your schedule is beneficial at any time of the day, looks like morning just might be a little better for you.

Research has shown working out before you start your day can offer numerous benefits including jump starting your metabolism, improving sleep and best of all, result in fewer skipped workouts. If that’s not enough to inspire you to rise with the rooster, here are a few more benefits.

Increases Energy
Nothing says “wake up” quite like moving in the morning. Hitting the gym will not only increase energy levels post-workout, but it will keep them higher all day long. Who knows? You might not even need that cup of coffee… (We said “might”).

Stay Consistent
If you struggle to keep a consistent fitness routine, sweating in the a.m. will likely solve that problem. Schedule your workouts like you would any appointment and eliminate the possibility of other obligations interfering with your plans.

Better Gym Availability
The odds of scoring a treadmill at the gym at 5:00 a.m. are pretty good considering most people’s alarm clocks aren’t buzzing yet. If you’re looking to have your pick of exercise equipment become part of the morning crowd which, you guessed it, isn’t usually crowded. 

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