Between checking our bank accounts to ordering lunch online, many of us rely on smartphones and apps to help get us through the day. In fact, in a survey of social media users conducted by Lab 42, 51% of respondents use their smartphones while exercising.

Additionally, 72% say their smartphone increases motivation to workout and 74% say they improve their weight loss efforts.

We’ve gathered some popular apps below that can help you reach your health and fitness goals. What are your favorites?

RunKeeper (Free, available on iPhone & Android)
Looking to keep track of how far you’re running? This app is for you. RunKeeper tracks your route, distance and pace with GPS technology. Bonus: this app can handle other forms of exercise such as biking, walking and hiking.

Fitness Apps - RunKeeper

Nike Training Club (Free, available on iPhone)
Get lean, toned or strong with more than 85 custom workouts from the team at Nike. The more you workout, the more rewards you can earn – like exclusive bonus workouts from professional athletes.

Fitness Apps - Nike Training Club

Workout Trainer (Free, available on iPhone & Android)
Keep track of every workout, even schedule daily workouts and receive reminders to do them with the Workout Trainer app. This app also lets you listen to your own music while going through the workout.

Fitness Apps - Workout Trainer

Lose it (Free, available on iPhone & Android)
Keep your healthy eating goals on track with this food and exercise log app. Record your meals and exercise to keep within your set caloric budget for each day.

Healthy Eating Apps - Lose It

Eat This, Not That! Restaurants ($4.99, available on iPhone & Android)
This app is based on the popular book series, Eat This, Not That! Learn how to make food swaps at restaurants and keep your fitness and healthy eating routine on track.

Healthy Eating Apps - Eat This, Not That

Fooducate (Free, available on iPhone & Android)
Don’t go to the grocery store without this app! Fooducate allows you to scan barcodes and receive an analysis of the product’s nutrition panel and ingredient list.

Healthy Eating Apps - Fooducate
Photos courtesy of Apple iTunes App Store.

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