Fitness Tips for BeginnersBeginning a new fitness routine often stems from an individual motivation, but the rest of the journey doesn’t have to be completed alone. Building up a supportive cast of family, friends and co-workers will make your efforts easier and increase the likelihood of achieving your goals.

Make your goals known
Don’t be afraid to speak up when it comes to your fitness goals. Simply telling those around you what you set out to do makes it clear that you are committed to achieving your goals and are looking for their continued support. Additionally, hearing what you want said out loud provides self-motivation. 

Get others involved
Making plans to exercise with a friend helps keep you motivated, committed and on track. You’re less likely to skip a gym session if you know someone is there waiting for you. Having another person around to chat with throughout your work out can make exercising more enjoyable and make the time go by faster.

Accomplish more
It’s possible to make considerable improvements in your work outs while exercising with a friend because you always have someone there to give you an extra push. Feel like skipping that last mile or the additional weight? A supportive workout partner can motivate you right through any negative thoughts.

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