Fitness Tips of BeginnersLearn to walk before you run, a phrase many have probably heard before, sums up our next fitness tip perfectly. As with many things in life, rushing into an exercise program without proper preparation and evaluation is sure to ensure a few obstacles along the way.

Start out slow
Evaluating your current fitness level before beginning any new exercise program helps to curb injury and fatigue. Let your body adapt gently to your new workouts and avoid being sidelined due to setbacks.

Track your progress with a workout log
Make sure to write down all relevant information such as amount of weight, reps, miles, etc. and most importantly, record how you felt during and after exercising. These details can be easy to forget, but provide great insight as to how you are progressing.

Take time to rest
Remember, too much of a good thing isn’t always so good, and this definitely holds true for exercise. Plan rest days and give your body time to relax and recover. Overuse can also lead to fatigue or injury and with all the dedication you’ve put forth this far, you wouldn’t want that to happen.

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