You know we love the gym. It’s practically our life. But as the weather finally starts to cool down, it’s nice to have a change of scenery and bring our workouts outside. Here are a few ways to switch it up and enjoy the great outdoors during the gorgeous autumn months!

Explore your neighborhood
Exercise doesn’t always have to be boring cardio on a treadmill or elliptical. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be running. Take some time outside to explore a new area of your city. If you look online, you can find information on forest preserves or hiking trails in your area. These are perfect for nice, long walks. If you’re in a more urban area, check out local farmers markets or a new shopping district. Just get outside and get moving!

Sign up for a 5k
For some of us, outdoor running season is the best time of the year. And while the summer gets all the glory, running in the fall might be even better. Plus, there are so many cool races going on this time of year. Check out to see what races are going on in your area. You could also ask your local fitness club if they know of any upcoming races. Chat with your fellow running friends to see what 5ks or marathons look fun, and get a group together!

Join a sport
Although beach volleyball may not be in season much longer, there are lots of other options. Look online for local leagues in a sport you might be interested in. Some exciting ones to look into are Ultimate Frisbee, basketball, kickball, or floor hockey. Not only will you be getting active, you’ll have a group to keep you motivated and hold you accountable.


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