There aren’t too many places I go without my water bottle by my side. It’s always on my desk at work, in the car and of course, at the gym. For many people, it’s a no brainer to hydrate at the gym, but did you know water is beneficial to the body all the time, not just when you are sweating?    

In fact, here’s what water is doing for you right now…

–          Regulating body temperature

–          Carrying nutrients to cells

–          Lubricating joints

–          Aiding in digestion

–          Helping kidneys and liver flush out waste products

Drinking more water throughout the day may seem like a tough task, but really it’s not. Start by simply filling up a water bottle or cup and keeping it by your side while at work. You might be surprised how much the convenience factor helps you increase your intake of H2O.

If you’re just not that into the taste (or lack of) of water, try making your own flavored water at home. Many fruits and even some vegetables can add a subtle, but delicious taste to plain water. Strawberries, lemon/lime, cucumber and mint leaves are a few popular options.

Speak up: What’s your favorite way to drink water during the day?



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