The holidays are just around the corner and the many Cardio Alternatives gluttonous meals they bring will be here quicker than you can flex your perfectly-toned bicep. While the stuffing and turkey fills up our plates and the champagne bubbles dance in our glasses, the reality is many of us will probably leave the dinner table feeling a bit stuffed ourselves.

A good cardio workout is a sure fire way to burn quite a few of those indulgent calories, but running on the treadmill certainly doesn’t top too many people’s list of favorite things to do. This winter, instead of running in place to the monotonous drudge of the treadmill belt, why not put some preferred tunes on your iPod and give a new cardio routine a try?

Not Just Child’s Play
You probably remember jump rope as a playground game, but it goes beyond that and offers real fitness benefits. Not only does this activity get your heart pumping, it is as entertaining as it is challenging, making time go by quickly. Try a routine like this one or experiment and come up with your own.

Jump, Leap & Hop
Plyometric training utilizes fast-paced, explosive movements such as jumping, hopping and shuffling to get your blood flowing, your muscles working and your heart beating fast. These moves not only provide you with a great cardio workout, but work on your strength as well. Want to try it? Here’s a sample routine to get you started.

Channel High School Gym Class
The thought of push-ups or sit-ups might bring you back several years, but those gym teachers were on to something. Calisthenics are exercises that use your own body weight as resistance. If you pair a variety of them with full body movements such as jumping jacks or burpees you’ll be sure to break a sweat.

If you’re looking to boost your cardio efforts even more, consider meeting with a personal trainer. A trainer can help you customize a workout plan using the programs above as well as include additional fitness tools such as the TRX Trainer or Kettle bells.


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