In case you missed it, last week we began a brief discussion on how long it takes to create a healthy habit. The basic takeaway? Many people think it’s about three weeks, but everyone is different. As with all things exercise or nutrition related, it’s all about finding what works for you.

Previously, we also looked at a few ways to make your fitness routine stick. However, exercise is only half of the health equation. Choosing the right types of foods to optimize your own health is equally important. Here’s a few ways to get started.

Remember, if you are making major changes to your diet, you should discuss them with a doctor or registered dietitian first.

Part II: Healthy Eating

Healthy eating certainly isn’t easy to master and requires a whole lot of dedication to maintain. When it comes to food, we face many decisions each day. Think of each choice you make as an opportunity to help create a new nutritious behavior. Think water instead of sugary drinks, carrots instead of potato chips.

Plan Meals Each Week
Choose one day a week to sit down and make a plan for meals that week. Consider days you’ll need quick meals, snacks to-go as well as how you can use ingredients for more than one meal. Knowing exactly what you’ll eat lessons the temptation to make less-than-healthy choices.

Make a Shopping List
Rule number one of grocery shopping – never hit the store without a detailed list of what you’ll need for the week. Knowing exactly what you need to get cuts down on impulse purchases as well as saves you money. 

Take Time to Food Prep
Most of us stay plenty busy between work, family and personal obligations. Sometimes these commitments leave little time to cook a healthy meal on a weeknight. One way to combat this is to prep your food when you get home from the grocery store. Wash and chop fruits and veggies. Make a big batch of salad to take for lunch. Cook meat ahead of time and reheat it for a quick meal.

What are your tips for eating healthy?


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