Everyone you ask will likely give you a different answer in response to the question, “how long does it take to form a habit?”. Whether that answer is based upon research or just personal experience, it’s clear forming habits is unique for each individual.

Commonly, a quick Google search yields the answer 21 days (three weeks) is how long it takes to ingrain a new behavior into your life. Of course many factors impact your success such as time spent and dedication to creating said habit. Additionally, the longer you sustain a behavior, the easier and more automated it becomes.

The good news is when it comes to integrating healthy habits into your life, there are ways to boost whatever science nature or psychology might be handing to you. Over the next two posts, we’ll be looking at ways to not only form new healthy habits, but ways to make them stick.

Part I: Exercise

We know getting to the gym and getting a workout in is tough, but planning ahead is the best way to combat obstacles. Start with the tips below to begin creating healthy exercise habits.

Create a Routine
Begin by creating a realistic schedule as to when you’ll work out and what you’ll do each time you visit the gym. If you need help finding fitness routines, sign up for our Virtual Training program. You’ll receive new routines each week.  Add the appointments to your calendar and make them a priority.

Prep your Gym Bag
Stock your gym bag with everything you’ll need the night before. Doing so will set the intention you have for hitting the gym later. It also helps ensure you don’t forget anything you might need for your workout. 

Enlist a Friend
The benefits of working out with a friend are numerous, but perhaps the best one is the built-in motivation. Getting to the gym is more than half the battle and the likelihood of doing so increases when you know you’ll be meeting someone there. 


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