Just like all forms of exercise, running means something different to everyone. Whether you love it, hate it, prefer the trails or the treadmill, there’s a place in running for everyone. Not to mention, it’s one of the simplest forms of exercise to do. No need to learn complicated steps or buy expensive equipment.

Maybe you’re a marathoner. Maybe you’d just like to finish your first 5K. Whatever your running goals might be, May is the perfect time to tackle them – it’s National Runner’s Month. Taking the next step on your running journey can take many forms. Why not give one of the suggestions below a try?

Find the right fit
The impact of running can be tough on the body which is why it’s especially important to make sure your shoes fit properly and provide the support you need. Look for a running specialty store in your area. They can help you find the best fit.

Sign up for a 5K
Knowing there’s (literally) a finish line at the end of your runs can be pretty motivating and helpful. Many people find it’s easier to follow a training plan than to just run for the sake of running. Plus you accomplish a pretty awesome goal while doing so.

Incorporate strength training
Strength and cross training are essential when it comes to preventing injuries in runners. Incorporate a few new moves after your run or devote a day’s workout to becoming stronger and you might notice you’re a little speedier as a result. 


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