An apple a day keeps the doctor away… or at least that’s how the saying goes. Throughout the month of October, you may find it a bit easier to follow this age-old advice. Not only are apples in peak season, it’s National Apple Month.

Honeycrisp, Gala and Granny Smith are just a few of the almost 100 varieties grown in the United States each year. With those odds, there’s bound to be a perfect apple choice out there for everyone. If you need help deciding, use this fun tool from the U.S. Apple Association to find your apple personality.

Loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, apples are as healthy as their reputation leads us to believe. A low-fat, nutrient dense food, they provide a lot of nutrition for a low number of calories, about 95 per medium apple.

Additionally, one apple can provide about 14% of the recommended daily value for vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential for collagen formation and the absorption of iron. Apples score even more healthy bonus points for the role their fiber plays in the body. The soluble fiber found in apples may help lower LDL cholesterol (the bad kind) levels in the blood.

The simplest way to enjoy an apple is to grab, rinse and go. Talk about fast food – perfect for a quick snack or dessert. If you’d like a snack with a little more substance, try pairing an apple with a modest amount of peanut butter or low-fat cheese. The protein in both will help keep you full longer.

What’s your favorite way to enjoy an apple?

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