Even if it’s been years since you last sat at a desk with a crisp new notebook and a sharpened pencil, it’s hard not to get caught up in the back-to-school rush each fall. For many of us, we still view this time of the year as a time for new beginnings, not January 1. Why not use this energy and ambition to take your fitness routine to the next level?

Start by reflecting on what your routine currently is and how it’s working for you. Once you’ve identified areas you’d like to improve on or change up, try utilizing one of the ways below.

Set a New Goal
Setting a new goal can break you out of a gym rut. Not only is having something new to strive for motivating, it can help define how you’d like to spend your time at the gym.

Work Out with a Friend
Not logging as many workouts in a week as you’d like? Try enlisting the help of a friend. Knowing that someone is meeting you at the gym makes getting there a whole lot easier.

Try a New Work Out
Exercise boredom. It happens to all of us at one point or another. One of the best ways to beat it is to try something new. Whether it’s taking up a new cardio machine or strength training exercise, new is sure to add some excitement back to your workout. 


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