Have you ever wished your gym was bigger, beautifully designed, had more equipment and only cost $10 per month?

We thought so.  That’s why on April 6th, Charter Fitness opened its newest location in Willowbrook, IL.  The 18,000 square foot facility  is the best combination of the very finest fitness equipment, cutting edge personal training, and beautiful aesthetics.  You will not be disappointed.

Willowbrook Cardio Machines
Over 90 Pieces of Cardio Equipment

With more than 90 cardio machines, members will never have to wait to get their heart rate pumping.  The treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, and step mills provide a great view of the facility and its 50” flat screens.  Charter Fitness of Willowbrook also features more strength and toning machines so that beginners and advanced users alike can sculpt their ideal physique.  The expanded free weight section will give members more elbow room and additional options to better their core, improve their balance, and add strength.   Members will be entertained by personal viewing screens on every treadmill and 20 large, flat screen televisions (yes, there are even televisions in the locker room to catch up on the news as you get ready for your day).  

Willowbrook Personal Training Studio
Over 2,000 Sq. Ft. Personal Training Studio and Stretching Area

A 2,100 square foot personal training studio and stretching area will give the functional exercisers (what does this mean?  Will the average person know this term?) plenty of room to box jump and ab crunch.  The best personal trainers in the business are available to help you meet your goals, whatever they may be.  The trainers are also performing complimentary sessions for members that may need a little bit of guidance.  

The polished concrete floors, open ceiling, and inviting colors offer the perfect workout environment so members don’t have to dread their trip to the gym.  The spacious locker rooms make everybody feel at home with a pleasing mix of natural browns, greys, energetic blues, and orange.  

Charter Fitness is very proud to be a part of the area which includes Willowbrook, Darien, Westmont, Burr Ridge, Hinsdale, and Downers Grove.  Our new facility will be a great benefit to all in these communities.  It will be especially beneficial to the members of Charter Fitness of Darien who now have access to a facility that is more than double in size and has many more options, equipment, and amenities.  We are very excited about our new club, and we invite everyone to come and check us out.  It is a great place with an outstanding atmosphere to stay fit and healthy.


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