What happens when yoga pants become part of many women’s everyday wardrobes and gym shoes become the new designer shoes? Workout wear goes mainstream and that’s a good thing for all of us. With more retailers wanting to get a piece of the action, more affordable fitness wear options are hitting the shelves each day.

The best part is that looking and feeling your best during a workout can instill confidence and help you work harder. Saving some cash and getting a great workout… now that’s something we can really stand behind!

Here are our picks for affordable, yet stylish fitness gear.

Old Navy Active (Women | Men)
Already known for their trendy and affordable apparel, Old Navy is now applying those same principles to their fitness line. Aptly named Active, this line offers something for every way you like to move.

Target C9 (Shop)
Target has long been our go-to stop for anything and everything we need (and don’t, but must have). Now they’ve paired up with Champion to offer a line of fun, bright and functional workout wear. Just another thing or two to toss into the cart on your next visit.

GapFit (Shop)
A little bit pricier than our other picks, GapFit offers high-quality workout clothes for wearing to the gym or wearing on the street (we don’t judge). The best part? Due to frequent coupons and sales, many items in this collection can be purchased at a fraction of their retail cost.


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